Success Stories


I was just released from prison in January. I served nearly six years in a Federal prison in Indiana and Illinois. Last summer my case manager told me about a program called “Jobs Partnership”. She encouraged me to look into it and sign up for the class. On my first day of class I met Gary and Rod, the guys who taught the class. They are both great and I feel fortunate to have had them teaching me. The program is faith-based and the topics covered helped me get closer to God and also start planning for my release and job search. I learned a lot from the program and it reminded me that God is with me and will always help me through the tough times….. Like trying to find a job after being incarcerated after six years. I have been in half-way house for two months now and I am working two jobs. This week I work over 60 hours! I have had to turn down several jobs recently just because I already have two great jobs.

When I got out I put my trust in God to help me find the right job for me. I am a big gardener and I now work in a home improvement store in the garden department and also in a popular hobby and craft store and I love both my jobs. I know that God was there and helped me through the process.

I want you to know that even though you may be a felon, there are people out there who will give you a chance! DO NOT use the excuse that just because you have a record that it is the end of the world and no one will hire you. That is a HUGE misconception that people in prison have. There are people out there who will help you and will hire you. Just put your trust in God and ask him to help you. You will be amazed what He will do for you if you just ask.

I would definitely recommend Jobs Partnership. It will help you learn skills for entering back into the work force and it will also get closer to God You will enjoy the program and get a lot out of it!

- Chad