Success Stories


I grew up in a home that taught me that work was important. I did very well in school. I had planned to become a elementary teacher. After my first year of college, I dropped out. I wanted to join the workforce but I quickly started focusing on the wrong things to make me happy.

Details aren’t necessary but I found myself in unstable environments and entry-level job after entry-level job. I was never motivated enough to stay at them for any longer than a few months. It was brought to my attention that an area mission was going to host a culinary program. I love to cook so I signed up. As another graduate mentioned, I had no idea that this program would dig much deeper than I had expected; but I thank God that it did. Although I had accepted Christ as my Savior, I had refused to let Him control every aspect of my life, including who I was as an employee. Jobs Partnership showed me what Scripture says about work; that it is GOOD and not a curse. That we can use our talents and be HAPPY in our jobs. I had never thought that way before. Since graduating, God has given me the opportunity to return to work on my Elementary Education degree and to serve as a Jobs Partnership facilitator through my Americorps service. I now have a different attitude about work and I have the privilege of helping others realize that it is a good thing.


- Molly