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A Biblically based study conducted throughout a 12-week period. Classes meet for 1 ½ hours 1-day each week. It is recommended that students use an NIV translation Bible to complete weekly homework assignments as questions were written based on the way the verses are worded in the NIV. A Bible can be provided to students who have no access to a Bible.
To equip students with Biblical principles in preparation for becoming valued employees and consequently more employable. To expose students to the truth of the Word of God. To bring about positive changes in the lives of students.
Graduation certificates are presented to students who meet the requirements to complete the course.
Dwight (prior to closing)
Hill Correctional
Illinois River
Lake County Jail
Lincoln Correctional
Logan (3 classes)
McLean County Detention Center
Pekin Correctional Institute
Pekin Federal Prison Camp
Peoria County Jail
Chief Chaplain Stephen Keim’s goal is to offer the program in every Illinois prison. The program has been successful wherever offered and the positive impact on the inmates has been gratifying.
Space for 20-25 students to meet 1 ½ hours one day a week. There are two instructors for each class. Work with the instructors to have the room setup each week and to accommodate entry into the prison.
The goal is for someone at the prison to coordinate the recruiting of two volunteers from a local church qualified to teach the classes. One person needs to be willing to serve as the “lead” person. In order to avoid ongoing training, the instructors must commit to a minimum of one year.


  1. Introduction
    • What’s the benefit to students enrolled in this class?
    • Class syllabus
    • Expectations of students
    • Commitment to completing homework – Bible required
    • Attendance and class participation required to graduate
    • Certificate of Graduation presented at session 12
  2. Who Am I
    • Who created you?
    • What did God do for us?
    • Why did He do it?
    • Describe how you think God feels about you?
    • What kinds of plans does God have for your life?
    • What we are able to do with God’s help
  3. God and Relationship (Part 1)
    • Whose image was man made in?
    • What did God do when he was looking for Adam?
    • What did God say was not good?
    • What keeps a person away from God?
    • What did God do to bring us back to Himself?
    • What is the main ingredient we should add to all our relationships?
  4. God and Relationships (Part 2)
    • How does God feel about marriage?
    • Who builds the family?
    • Are children a reward?
    • Who blesses the family?
    • God intends us to live our lives serving. How do we do this?
    • As an employee, whom are we really serving?
  5. God and Work
    • What did God do?
    • What does God say about work?
    • What did Christ say that He came to earth to do?
    • Define a lazy person
  6. Authority – Who’s the Boss?
    • Should we be more motivated to work hard when the boss is looking?
    • If worker is disrespectful of boss and does poor work, whom else is the worker disrespecting?
    • How are we to regard the boss?
    • How should I treat employers and other people in authority?
  7. Attitude – You Are What You Think
    • How do you define attitude?
    • Can we have a good attitude even in bad circumstances?
    • Who searches our hearts and knows our motives?
    • Where do my words come from?
    • What can we ask God to do in building a Godly attitude?
  8. Integrity – Pattern for Livings
    • Who was Joseph?
    • Who had a dream?
    • Who interpreted the dream?
  9. Communication
    • What is the main way God communicates with man?
    • How does man communicate to God?
    • How should we pray?
    • How should we speak to others?
  10. Conflict – Learning to Resolve
    • What is the source of fights?
    • How is conflict to be resolved?
    • If another person has something against you, how should it be resolved?
  11. Stewardship of Time and Money
    • What’s meaning of stewardship?
    • What does God require of a Steward?
    • What should we seek first?
    • Should we worry about tomorrow?
    • How should we handle our time on the job.
  12. Excellence in All
    • Does God see man as man sees man?
    • What happens to a lazy employee?
    • What happens to a hard worker?
    • What kind of person does an employer want to hire?
    • What kind of a person are you?

NOTE: Graduation ceremony is held at the conclusion of the 12th and final session.

Graduation Ceremony