How the Process Begins

  1. Someone on the prison staff is needed to coordinate the program with Jobs Partnership Executive Director, Cheryl Parks as well as with local volunteers. From your perspective who might that be at this prison?
  2. The person who coordinates the program needs to be willing to recruit individuals from a local Bible believing church who are willing to assume responsibility for the operation of the program at this prison. We can provide direction, but with Jobs Partnership offices in Peoria it’s far more effective for this to be done locally.
  3. Serving as an instructor is an excellent way for a local church people to get involved in prison ministry
    • Two instructors are needed. Should one be ill, or have a conflict and not be able to attend a class, the other person would instruct.
    • One of these two people should be appointed as the Lead Person.
  4. Executive Director, Cheryl Parks will train the instructors and go through the program with them so they are comfortable serving as instructors. If Cheryl is unable to train, she will appoint some other qualified individual to conduct the training.
  5. Students must have a Bible in order to complete homework, which is assigned each week. The curriculum is based on the NIV (New International Version).
  6. A room is needed that will accommodate up to 30 people and could be setup in classroom style, preferably with tables/desks.
  7. In order for a student to graduate, he/she must attend each of the 12 sessions (medical appointments excused).
  8. Classes are held weekly for 12 weeks and will last about 1-½ hours.
  9. What day of the week would work best for conducting classes?
  10. It would be financially helpful if the lessons for the students could be copied here at the prison.
  11. Jobs Partnership will provide instructor manuals for each of the two instructors.
  12. Jobs Partnership will provide personalized graduation certificates for each student who successfully completes the training.
  13. Could a targeted start date for beginning classes be selected today?
    • A targeted date to have instructors chosen
    • A targeted date for instructor training
    • A targeted date for classes to start