Success Stories


My name is C.C. and I just recently graduated Jobs Partnership at Logan. It changed me especially Lesson 8 on Integrity. When it was coming closer to classes being over I almost panicked [be]cause I was afraid of what do I do now to step up on my progress to learn more about God. [Those] lessons every week [were] the beginning of a relationship with someone I never thought possible, God! I want to help continue this program for people like myself so I am tithing 10% of what I have on my books. I love this relationship with God and I want everyone to feel the love I finally feel these days; it’s so supernatural. I pray [Jobs Partnership] continues for years to come.

- C.C.


I grew up in a home that taught me that work was important. I did very well in school. I had planned to become a elementary teacher. After my first year of college, I dropped out. I wanted to join the workforce but I quickly started focusing on the wrong things to make me happy.


- Molly

Melissa K.

I learned so many things through Jobs Partnership that it was difficult to fix my mind on one specific concept of WHAT about the program had the MOST impact on me. After pondering it for several hours, I have come up with this – Jobs Partnership showed me that I am not defined by my past, but rather, PREPARED BY my past. (Those are not my words – they are the words of a very wise man, Joel Osteen.) (more…)

- Melissa K.


I was just released from prison in January. I served nearly six years in a Federal prison in Indiana and Illinois. Last summer my case manager told me about a program called “Jobs Partnership”. She encouraged me to look into it and sign up for the class. On my first day of class I met Gary and Rod, the guys who taught the class. (more…)

- Chad


Hi my name is Jozetta. My friends call me Jozy. I used to think that my life was destined for destruction because of my family history. I literally followed in my mom’s foot steps for years. (more…)

- Jozy


Job Partnership is a great program! I learned a great deal in the program; like how to dress for an interview, what kind of ink to use on an application, and so much more. (more…)

- Theresa


For years, people in this in country took having a job for granted. I know I certainly did. Nowadays, however, it can be difficult to find a job, let alone a job that pays well.

These troubles can be multiplied greatly for people with criminal records, or people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Often times, these people are ready, willing and able to work, but people won’t give them a chance. (more…)

- Lucas